Alaina Johnson

National Endowment for the Arts


National Endowment for the Arts

At Killer Infographics I led the art direction of a visual campaign to help kick off the celebration of 50th anniversary. Despite being the nations largest arts organization, the NEA struggled being recognized, and was looking to building out a visual campaign featuring illustrations, infographics, and motion graphics to help tell their story. 


To prepare for the campaign, we first needed to create a visual identity that captures the inclusivity with the arts, and the interaction and movement between the different arts. 

Along with the style guide, we created an asset pack featuring 100+ illustrations for the NEA to use throughout their organization. These were categorized by the different departments within the NEA. 



Once the visual identity was established, we then needed to create a series of infographics and motion graphics to show the major impact that the NEA has on the US and it's individual communities. 

The first infographic published was a broad overview and introduction to the NEA. Following infographics covered topics like how the arts are funded, healing arts, the impact that art has on the economy, etc.